A guide to candid photos on your wedding dad

Candid wedding photos

A guide to candid wedding photos


Congratulations on your engagement! As you plan your dream wedding, capturing the genuine, heartfelt moments that unfold throughout the day is undoubtedly a top priority. That’s where candid wedding photos comes in. Candid wedding photos are some of the most precious photos you’ll have to treasure from your wedding day. From stolen glances and belly laughs, to all the happy-tears, candid shots beautifully preserve the raw emotions that make your wedding truly special. In this guide, we will dive into the secrets of how you can create space for these genuine, natural moments to happen and be sure that your wedding album will be filled with authentic memories!

1. Create space for the candid, natural moments. How to plan for his ahead of time? Create a timeline that is flexible

Creating a flexible wedding timeline is key to ensure that there is space for the candid and natural moments to happen on your special day. It’s crucial not to feel rushed through meaningful moments on your wedding day. By allowing for a relaxed pace and giving yourself and your loved ones time to soak in the moment, you create an environment where genuine and real emotions can shine through. Plus, this also gives your photographer the opportunity to observe and capture these capture those genuine, emotional moments, resulting in beautiful and candid wedding photos that reflect the true essence of your day. Need help creating a flexible timeline for your wedding day? Go to my contact page , let me know you read this blog and need help with your timeline. I’ll be more than happy to help you!

2. Consider Having a First Look with your partner

Having a ‘first look’ is the secret weapon to sneaking in more time with your partner and guests on your wedding day! A first look allows you and your partner to spend time together prior to the ceremony, and be able to fully enjoy your wedding, and guests, once the ceremony takes off. You can have the majority (if not all) of your formal photos taken prior to the ceremony (this includes bride and groom portraits, wedding party portraits and immediate family portraits). This means that once the ceremony starts you can be fully present and enjoy every minute of your wedding, without having to worry about posing for photos. Having more time to mingle with your partner and guests means more candid and natural photos to capture the joy of your special day. When couples choose to skip the first look and go the traditional route, all the formal portraits happen after the ceremony. This means you will probably miss the cocktail hour with your friends and family. You can think of the ‘first look’ as a way to get amazing formal and candid wedding photos and still have time to party with your favorite people.

3. Add an Additional Photographer

Adding an additional photographer to your special day can make a huge difference in capturing candid wedding photos. With multiple sets of eyes, your photographers can capture multiple perspectives and ensure that no moment goes unnoticed. Whether it’s the way your dad looks at your for the first time, or the laughter shared between friends during the reception, having multiple photographers allows us to be in multiple places at once. This means we can capture those simultaneous moments that might otherwise be missed. So, don’t hesitate to ask your Palm Beach wedding photographer how you can add an additional photographer to your package and unlock the natural moments that will make your wedding album truly unforgettable.

4. Be Fully Present in the moment and let go of perfection

The most precious moments that will be captured on your wedding day will be the unscripted, candid ones. These moments happen when you are fully immersed, present, and not worried about what is going on around you! Let go of perfection – the best moments are the imperfect ones! When you are not fixated on the camera, your photographer has a better chance of capturing the spontaneous and authentic moments that happen between you, your partner, and your guests. Remember, if you want candid wedding photos with your partner, stay by their side and have fun with them! Side note: some people even recommend not letting go of each other’s hand during the reception (this is because you can easily get pulled away from each other for a large part of the night and should enjoy your night together – but this is another topic!). Let’s get back on track- If you want candid wedding photos with your guests, make sure you are mingling with them! Relax and fully enjoy the moment, your photographer should take care of the rest!

5. Have your photographer capture the rehearsal dinner

Whether you’re hanging out in your backyard for a barbecue, going on a hike together, or spending the day at the beach, kicking off your wedding weekend with your closest friends and family is where so many memories are made. Having your photographer capture this moment will give your guests a chance to meet and get comfortable with having a camera around them. When your guests are comfortable, it allows for more sincere and genuine moments to happen on the wedding day (also meaning more candid wedding photos). This also gives your photographer a chance to meet all of your favorite people, which will help them know who to focus on during all the special moments happening on your wedding day. Plus, it’s also the perfect time to capture laid-back candid photos of your favorite people being themselves.


In the midst of wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught of in the scripted moments and picture-perfect poses. Yet, it’s the unscripted, candid wedding photos that are the most special ones that truly capture the essence of your wedding day. As a Palm Beach Wedding Photographer, I can attest that these are the moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So here is to unlocking the natural moments and letting your love story shine through your candid wedding Photos. Here is to a lifetime of beautiful memories

Palm Beach Wedding photographer, Bela Freire, captures couple as they walk down the aisle, with sparks flying in the backgroun.


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