Best tips on preparing for your Pompano Beach Family Photos

How to prepare for your Pompano Beach Family Photos


Thinking of having your family photos done in Pompano beach? Pompano Beach is great photo location for families who are on vacation, or for locals wanting to update their family photos showing off their current home town! While you look through the gallery below, I’ll be sharing my best tips for prepare for your Pompano beach family photos, enjoy!

Why should you have your family photos done in Pompano beach?

  • Pompano Beach pier area is clean and well maintained.
  • It’s usually not too full on weekdays or weekend mornings, this means you’ll have privacy during your session!
  • It has different spots that can help add variety and give your photos fun backdrops! My favorite thing about Pompano Beach is the nice tall beach grass, it looks gorgeous on camera and can help take your photos to the next level (check out the photos below). The new colorful lifeguard houses also look great on camera and help add extra colors and personality to your photos. The pier will also be shown off in the background of some of your photos!

What is the best day of the week and time to have Pompano beach family photos done?

  • Sunrise or early mornings, any day of the week!
    • Sunrise and morning sessions are my favorite, the beach is usually empty at this time so you’ll get all the privacy you need to feel comfortable during your session.
    • The best part of it all, the golden sunrise light! The sun rises on our coast, so the light at sunrise and early morning is the most beautiful. This is your best chance to have sun filled photos.
    • Sunrise sessions work great on week days as well as weekends!
    • You can make a beach day or morning out of it! At the end of the session you can choose to jump in the water with your little ones (these make for the most genuine and precious photos!), then spend some great quality time with them playing on the beach after your session!
    • Having a sunrise sessino also helps you avoid afternoon rain showers (specially during summer months). Florida is known for having afternoon rain showers, book a sunrise session and avoid getting rained on in the afternoon.
  • The next best time to have your Pompano Beach family photos done is 60-90 minutes before sunset. This is when you get the best light in the afternoon. If you’re looking to have a sunset session, go for a week day to avoid any crowds!
a baby sitting in the sand during Pompano Beach Family Photos

Choosing an outfit for your Pompano Beach Family Photos:

  • Select all of the outfits ahead of time
    • Start with mom’s outfit first! Wear something that will allow you to easily sit on the ground or kneel to play with your kids without feeling contracted. I recommend choosing something flowy, long full length dresses look amazing on camera! Consider softer fabrics like chiddon and tulle which allow for beautiful movement in images. Make sure you feel great in it!
    • When choosing everyone’s outfits, make sure the colors complement each other without matching!
    • Stick with light colors if you want to get the light and airy look in your photos, neutrals and pastel colors photograph best for this style of photography.
    • Avoid distractions (colors that are too bright, clothing with logos, apple watches, keys or cell phones in your pockets)
    • Add accessories (hats, jewelry, bows)
  • Have everyone try on all outfits (shoes included) at least 3 days prior to your session to make sure everything still fits and looks great!
  • Schedule hair and make-up ahead of time
    • Kelsey is an amazing make-up artist that goes to you, wherever you are, even early in the morning!
    • Being that your Pompano Beach family session will be done at the beach, we do have to consider the wind! Check out the forecast a couple of days before your session. If wind predictions are high, I recommend consider wearing your hair half-way up or an up-do, this way don’t have to worry about having hair flying on your face during your session, but can really focus on your family and on having fun! This also recommended for anyone who was long hair.

What should I bring to my Pompano Beach family photos?

  • I recommend bringing towels and a change of clothes for each person involved, this is a good idea if you don’t plan on getting in the water. Just in case.
  • You can also bring a blanket or quilt to sit on. Blankets can also be used a prop for your session, specially if you have little ones!
    • Neutral and light colors work best, example: Cream, beige, tan, white.
  • Bring water for you and the kids!
  • Bring small snacks for the kids that can be used, if needed.
  • Make sure all of the kids’ bellies are full before the session

On a last note….

  • Show up with a happy heart. Come to your session prepared to have fun together, laugh a lot and be fully present! We’ll take care of the rest!

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Hi there and thank you for stopping by! I’m Bela, founder of Bela Freire Photography, a family photographer based in South Florida. I hope you found the blog on how to prepare for your Pompano Beach Family Photos helpful. If have any questions or you are interested in talking with me about your family photos, let’s connect! Not quite ready, but know you want to keep me in your back pocket? No problem! Follow me on Instagram and let’s be friends!

Pompano Beach family Photographer, Bela Freire, has had her work featured by The Unscripted App for photographers, Mastin Labs, as well through local businesses. Bela offers family photography to families looking to have fun and natural photos with their family.

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